Laserflash LFA 457

Laserflash Netzsch LFA 457 Micro Flash

Measurement of the thermal diffusivity (conductivity)

  • temperature range from -125°C to 500°C
  • heating/cooling rate from 0,01°C/min to 50°C/min
  • measurement range thermal diffusivity:
    from 0,01mm²/s to 1000mm²/s
  • measurement range heat conductivity:
    from 0,1W/mK to 2000W/mK
  • sample diameter: 10mm, 12.7mm or 25.4mm (each with +/-0.2mm)
  • sample thickness:
    depending on thermal diffusivity:
    polymers: 0.05-3mm
    ceramics: 0.5-5mm
    metals: 1-5mm
  • measurement of liquid samples is possible



contact person:

Bernd Weidenfeller


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