Equipment and Service

Please choose the instrument you are interested in from the below-mentioned link list to get more detailed information about our possibilities.

We are pleased to take mesurements for you. Please contact us.

Bernd Weidenfeller (bernd.weidenfeller(at)

Mathias Anhalt (mathias.anhalt(at)

Phone [+49] (0)5323 / 723865



  • <LINK 49>Laserflash Netzsch LFA 457</link> <br /> (-150°C to +600°C; thermal dffusivity, specific heat capacity)
  • <LINK 48>Differential Scanning Calorimeter Netzsch DSC 204 F1 Phoenix </link><br />(-150°C to +600°C; crystallinity, melting process, glass transition, decomposition, specific heat capacity)
  • <LINK 47>Digital hysteresis measurement system</link> <br /> (frequency dependent measurement of permeability, coercive force, power loss, remanence, polarisation)
  • <LINK 44>Kneader Thermo Haake PolyLAB OS, Rheomix OS</link> <br />(mixing of polymer-particle composites)
  • <LINK 45>Injection molding machine Arburg K221-250-75</link> <br />(Injection molding of thermoplastic polymers)
  • <LINK 46>Impulse magnetiser MVZ 30 - 50 - LK</link> <br />(Magnetisation of hard magnets)
  • <LINK 42>XY Scan table with rotation</link>
  • <LINK 43>Teslameter Bell 5080</link> <br />(Measurement of magnetic flux density)

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